Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Re-Booting the Fitness Plan

My goal is to lose enough weight that, when I return to school in the late summer, I am noticeably slimmer.

I'm watching Dr. Oz - he's quite annoying usually, but today's show caught my attention.  He has 5 items that help you watch your weight.

  • A belt - you can write the "good" weight, a "don't go there" weight, and a "yeaaah!" goal on the inside of the belt.
  • A non-stretchy pair of jeans -  similar to the belt test.
  • A gap in your blouses - if there is not a smooth line along the button front, you've gained weight.
  • The clap test - does your blazer feel too tight when you put your hands together at full length in front of you (a clap).
  • Shoes - is your foot spilling out of the shoe?  Can be an indicator of water retention, as well as weight gain.
The show is pretty interesting.  It explains "vanity sizing" - how manufacturers change standard sizing, so women will fit a smaller-marked size - i.e., if you're a 12, you will fit an "8" in that designers' clothing.

The whole issue isn't news to me, but apparently it is to many other women, judging from the surprised looks of the audience.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Updating the Weight Loss

The Good:

  • I have managed to lose a few pounds; not as many as I would like, but still progress.
  • I've (mostly) stayed with the food plan
  • I've been exercising at least 3 times a week, often more
  • My clothes and underclothes are fitting more comfortably
The Not-So Good:
  • I'm not dropping as fast as I would like - but, when I look at the food consumed, and the exercise, I can easily understand why
  • We still haven't decided on a trainer - and the summer is going by fast
That's it, so far.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Low-Fat Alfredo Recipe

I think this is the same recipe as the one that my husband saw on TV. It uses cannelli beans for the thickener, rather than a traditional white sauce.

Low-Fat Alfredo.

I'll try it next week - if it proves to be as tasty as all that, I'll report back here.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where I Start From

If you follow the standard weight tables, for my height (five foot three inches), I'm obese. My weight is more than 35 percent more than the max for my size.

Frankly, I'm less concerned about my appearance than my health. I have asthma, and my weight issues significantly affect my control of that condition. I also have joint pain, a bad back, poor stamina, and a general lack of energy.

All of which contribute to my decision to approach fitness with a strong determination to succeed.

I plan to contact some of my best friends from high school, and see whether they will join my effort vto get into The Best Shape of Our Lives.

Feel free to join us.