Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Re-Booting the Fitness Plan

My goal is to lose enough weight that, when I return to school in the late summer, I am noticeably slimmer.

I'm watching Dr. Oz - he's quite annoying usually, but today's show caught my attention.  He has 5 items that help you watch your weight.

  • A belt - you can write the "good" weight, a "don't go there" weight, and a "yeaaah!" goal on the inside of the belt.
  • A non-stretchy pair of jeans -  similar to the belt test.
  • A gap in your blouses - if there is not a smooth line along the button front, you've gained weight.
  • The clap test - does your blazer feel too tight when you put your hands together at full length in front of you (a clap).
  • Shoes - is your foot spilling out of the shoe?  Can be an indicator of water retention, as well as weight gain.
The show is pretty interesting.  It explains "vanity sizing" - how manufacturers change standard sizing, so women will fit a smaller-marked size - i.e., if you're a 12, you will fit an "8" in that designers' clothing.

The whole issue isn't news to me, but apparently it is to many other women, judging from the surprised looks of the audience.

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